Black Market Vinyl

Dust Bowl Soul with a Shot of Voodoo

Black Market Vinyl is original music born of musicians who can't keep their mitts off of Grandpappy's record collection. Delta blues, New Orleans swing, gospel revival, and some leftover teeth from last night's bar fight combine into a fiery concoction of diabolical ear worms. It's a lot like Grandpappy used to say about his sour corn mash: "It's gonna burn a little bit, but it sure do make you feel good all over."

Want to get the full story behind the band?  Check out this wonderful National Road Magazine piece by Donovan Wheeler.



Wednesday Rees:  Vocals and Tamborine

Matt Rees:  Vocals and Lead Guitar

Joel Ruff:  Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, and Harmonica

Will Ripperger:  Bass Guitar

Beth Benedix:  Piano

Shem Rees:  Percussion